My school trip to the Ebro Delta – by Joe

Aerial view of the Ebro delta When I went on my school trip to the Delta we went by coach. It took us about 3/4 of an hour to get there. We went to Mon Natura Delta otherwise called “the saltworks”. When we got there we got our guide called Josep. First we went to a building and we were put into groups. We all sat down at 3 tables. My group was Maria Jose, Marc, Jonella, Marian and me. We all had a plate of salt with messages under the salt. My message was ” the tower of St John protected the delta from pirates”.

Next, Josep talked about the industrial history and about how the rice was grown. Then at 11.30 we had our snack – I had a blue cheese and ham sandwich and 2 chocolate biscuits. I gave one of these to my friend Essex Joe.

delta flamingoNext we went into a different building and saw a movie about what the delta is like in all the seasons.  Then we went upstairs to the top of the building and there were telescopes so we could look at all the birds.  We also saw a flock of flamingoes. I didn’t know any other bird names though!

Finally, we did some activities.  First we had to draw and copy a Roman coin. Next we had to work out the layers in the ground of the Delta. After that Josep told us to taste a plant that grows in the soil – it tasted salty because it absorbs salt from the ground.  Then we had to choose different foods for ‘esmorzar’ (breakfast), “dinar” (lunch) i “sopar” (tea) and see how much salt we would eat in a day. We had to aim for 4g of salt a day – our group got 4.1g.

Finally we had to find the missing words for the sentences – these were in Catalan so I just tried my hardest!

That was the best school trip ever! My favourite part was seeing the flamingoes and other birds.

The End


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