Mel Muria – by Rosie

we wore clothes like these Mel muria bee hives

First we got on the bus at 9.h then we went on the bus to mel muria. When we got there we put the bee suits on and then we went to the parc eolic to see the hives but peter played a joke on us and he put plastic bees in a hive. Then we went to see the real bees in the real hives. After that we went to have are snack. Next we got back on the bus and we went to see the windmill number 15 then we got back on the bus to go to the hermitage to eat our lunch

And after lunch we got to play with Mireia’s ball. When it had been two and a half hours we walked down the hill to mel muria. Once we got there we saw a fountain of honey, we went and tried two kinds of honey and they were castanyer, taronger next we tried some pollen. Just before we went to the museum we made a candle from bees wax and we put a little plastic bee in the middle. When we went to the museum we saw three different types of bees one was the queen and I’ve forgotten the rest. Finally we went home at 4.30.

bee pic2


Helen adds – Mel Muria is the biggest of the honey processors in El Perello – but there are many of them, some very small family businesses. When you go walking around in the hills, it is not uncommon to come across a row of wooden hives that have been put there to collect rosemary, or lavender, or ” a thousand flowers” mil flors honey.  And some of the most frequent lorries on the road are the little Mel Muria trucks with 20 or 30 hives strapped on their backs, wandering off onto a little track looking for a free bit of hillside with some good flowers for the bees !


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