A grey old day – and thundery, inside and out …..

Rosie-pieWeeks of very hot temperatures have temporarily come to an end this weekend, with overcast skies, thermometers reading a cool 27 C and thunder in the air.  The children, who usually insist it is too hot to go outside, are now using the threat of a lightning strike (!?) as an excuse for staying in, looking through old videos, fighting and BAKING.  Not together of course – sharing such a culinary task is beyond them when there is stormy weather around.

They would rather recreate a rather stroppy edition of Masterchef – perhaps the US version with me cast as Gordon Ramsey is nearest the mark.  The trouble is we only have one kitchen table, one set of scales, oven, flour bag, vanilla essence bottle etc etc.

Joe cup cakesJ goes for cupcakes – with chocolate icing and smarties of course – R prefers an apple pie – but is insistent that some of the icing sugar is saved for the top of the pie.  Tricky as the pot contains just enough for Joe’s icing – and no more…

Meanwhile, the growling threat of distant thunder builds outside, G is pruning a far-off olive tree, the dog looks nervous and the cat pretends she is deaf.

Inside, cup cakes burn (my fault), bowls aren’t washed up ready for contestant number 2 (my fault), the sense of imminent unease is palpable. Will we make it through to tomorrow’s promised sunshine and the joy of floating bouncy castles at Ginestar Pool ?




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