The day after ….

Of course, as a follow on from yesterday’s post, today it is dull dull dull and grey and raining – the mountains opposite are shrouded in mist, my toes are wet and the kids are baking again.

I have noticed how the lack of sun affects me much more here than it did in Pennine Yorkshire – for obvious reasons perhaps as in Slaithwaite, the number of dull days was a little greater, and I was used to it!

I thought that having more sunny days would mean that the odd grey sky was immaterial, but somehow, when the sun doesn’t shine, the sky is heavier, the air thicker, and the baking more manic.

IMG_0577So today we have “Chocolate Waterfall cake” from Rosie, and a cinnamon butter cream sponge created by Joe from the depths of his creative genius ….

The cakes are both sitting in the fridge. waiting for midnight feasts I suspect, as in my role as nasty parent, I have forbidden anyone to eat them this late in the evening. I may sometimes feel nostalgic for our Yorkshire life, but one thing I don’t miss and don’t want to resurrect, are  endless rainy days that segue into nights dominated by the hyperactivity of unexercised, over sugared children.

It may already be too late ….


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